Collecting Ephraim Pottery

Collecting Ephraim Pottery

At Ephraim, we are part of a long tradition of collectible art pottery. Art pottery lends itself to collectibility because historically it tends to have been well marked with “shop marks” and it was naturally limited due to the making process. We have upheld the tradition of marking our pottery and because of the handmade nature of our process, the pieces are limited by the capacity of the pottery. We try to be transparent about how many pieces we make. We publish these figures in order to enhance collectability.

Our art pottery and tiles are limited editions. Designs in our Studio Collection are limited to a maximum of 500 pieces. Our Reserve Editions are created in even more limited numbers.

You can view the historical listings here: Historical item listing updated-03/05/2019

Shop Marks

Ephraim Pottery marks the foot of each piece of pottery and the back of each tile to assure authenticity. New studio marks are introduced each year, allowing collectors to determine when the piece was made. In addition to the impressed studio mark, each piece is also marked with the impressed initials of the potter and the sculptor, as well as the fired-on initials of the glazer.

Take for example the foot of the vase pictured below. It was created in 2018. The large studio mark for Ephraim includes the roman numerals XVIII (18)  to represent the year. This primary mark will be used on all pieces created in 2018. The impressed mark with initials inside of a circle is the potter’s mark; this indicates who threw the form (in this example, KH = Kevin Hicks). The sculptor’s mark consists of the artist’s italicized initials impressed into the clay (LK = Laura Klein). The script initials in glaze represent the artist who glazed the piece (BH= Becky Hansen). This vase also bears the Experimental Pottery stamp – a stylized E in an oval.

View our historical shop marks here: Ephraim Pottery Timeline Of Marks (PDF)