A conversation with Ken Nekola & Becky Hansen about making miniatures.


Where did the notion of making miniature pottery originate for you?

Master Potter, Ken: I have been throwing and sculpting production pottery since 1980 and one of my first experiences with miniature pottery was when I made a small coffee and cup set for my daughters to play with. Subsequently, the pottery I worked for was contracted by the Pleasant Company (American Girl Doll) to make tiny tea sets. I enjoy making these small forms.

Are there any special challenges or techniques required to glaze minis?

Master Glazer, Becky: Sometimes glazing miniatures can be trickier than glazing the same pot in a bigger size because there is much less space to create the same effect. The glaze must be applied thinner so that it does not run over the motif. The fine detailing requires a steady hand.


Reserve Edition Mini Rose Jar 2015 in Cranberry & Algae beside the standard size versions of the Craftsman Rose Jar.


Reserve Edition Mini Rose Jar 2015 – Shown in Teal, Autumn Reflections, Cranberry & Algae