My career in pottery started when I accepted a job in February of 1983 at Rowe Pottery Works. I worked with the salt kilns and after about six months became a supervisor to different areas of the pottery. As the company grew my supervisory responsibilities were narrowed down to the kiln department. During that time Kevin (Hicks) was hired and worked in the kiln department. When Kevin left Rowe Pottery several people knew he was starting his own pottery. Some of the employees were hoping Kevin would hire them once he was established.

I remember the day Kevin came to my house and offered me a job. I was more than ready for a change. That was in the summer of 2001. In early September of that year I gave my two week notice. I started working at Ephraim about one week after ‘911’. Needless to say, it was a scary time to start a new job. I was welcomed by Kevin and his employees, two of which I had worked with at Rowe Pottery.

I have been at Ephraim now just short of 23 years. In February of 2013 the wood shop was started. Prior to this I had been making miscellaneous things out of wood for the pottery. From that evolved into Kevin’s idea of starting a wood shop and making pieces that would compliment the pottery. This was a big change for me because the wood shop would be in a separate building away from the pottery. Needless to say, I missed the creative energy that I experienced at the pottery. Although absent from the pottery, I’ve always enjoyed working with wood. I have much respect and appreciation for the ‘Arts And Crafts’ style, so I was excited for the challenge. Kevin allowed me much freedom and trust at my new adventure.

When asked about what I would be doing once retired, many things came to mind. A short list includes working on my 100 year old farm house that needs much ‘TLC’. I have an old Willy’s Jeep that I would like to restore. I have hopes of setting up a small wood shop. Also getting back to my bicycle, and helping and serving others. But ultimately ‘life’ has a tendency to lead the way of our future. I will miss Kevin for all his kindness and generosity, all my coworkers past and present, and all those wonderful friends that I have meet along the way.