Past Bloom Workshops

July 1, 2015 – Iris Vase Glaze Workshop with Master Glazer Jennifer Grelk

For this special Bloom workshop, our artists teamed up to provide each participant with a form thrown by Kevin Hicks and adorned with an iris sculpted by Laura Klein. Our master glazer Jennifer Grelk guided students through the glazing application, using Ephraim’s own glazes, to complete a vase with their desired color scheme.

Space was limited to 10 participants. The cost of the workshop included all workshop materials, instruction, glaze firing, and shipment of the final piece.

Iris Vases in greenware
Iris Vases in greenware for the July 1st Bloom Workshop
Iris Vases completed during the July 1 workshop
Iris Vases completed by participants during the July 1 Bloom workshop. Each in a unique color combination and successful through the firing process!

May 15, 2017  – Sculpture Workshop with Master Potter Kevin Hicks.

The sculpture workshop was led by Kevin in the Bloom workshop space within the gallery. The workshop focus was on attaching sculptural ornamentation to a hand-thrown form.  Once the sculpture work was completed we bisque fired each piece, glazed it with a single glaze of the participants’ choice and shipped the final piece. Space Limited to 8 participants. Snacks and refreshments provided.

Vases completed by participants during the May 15th Bloom workshop. Each design features sculpture work done by the participants.

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