Limited Edition Miniature Pottery Vases

  • This Miniature Bittersweet Pitcher captures each fine detail of the original design on a tiny scale. From its infinitesimal bittersweet berries and sculpted-twisted vine handle to the nuanced glaze gradations, Ephraim artists spare no detail or ingenuity when making this faithful rendition of the original vase.
  • Ephraim artist, Laura Klein is known for big and bold works. What could be a better subject for exploring the art of miniaturizing than her signature piece, Laura’s Vase? The dramatic irises and significant scale of the original piece take on a precious quality when it fits into the palm of your hand. This miniature is truly awe-inspiring!  
  • Shrinking the River Koi Vase to a miniature size requires cleverness and mastery. In its minuscule form, Ephraim artists apply the hand-sculpted design with precision. Flowing lines and intricate attention to detail in the koi itself invite you to admire the integrity and richness of this piece.  

Miniature art pottery is alluring and satisfying, it pulls at our heartstrings. Each February, Ephraim Pottery artists create a small collection of limited edition miniatures that distill the craftsmanship of our full-scale art pottery into dainty, diminutive designs.

​You can inspect and marvel at the perfection of our 2020 miniature offerings now through the end of February.