• The Amaryllis Twists Vase reinterprets the twisting buds and elegant form of the long-retired Ephraim Pottery Perennial Vase. These buds represent an about-to-bloom amaryllis, the beloved flower that brightens our homes during long, monochromatic winters.
  • Cambria, California is a second home to our studio and the site of Ephraim Pottery West Coast Gallery. We are continually inspired by the breathtaking beauty of California’s Central Coast. This tile celebrates the iconic Monterey Pines that surround Cambria.
  • Clarity Vase

    $ 168.00
    The Clarity Vase distills a large dose of classic Arts & Crafts style into a refined, small vase. Inspired by the historic innovators at Grueby Faience Pottery in the late 19th Century, this piece repeats the timeless leaf-and-bud motif on an exquisite hand-thrown form.
  • The American Craftsman Movement came on the scene over a century ago, and its revivals and reverberations continue to be relevant today. Decorative arts from this era showcase nature themes, often with distinct linear patterning. Ephraim’s Craftsman Dragonfly Tile features the quintessential dragonfly framed by a unique architectural border. The strong simplicity of the Craftsman style in this piece makes it a perfect complement to any period home or existing collection.
  • A dynamic piece, the Craftsman Pine Bowl, marries Arts & Crafts-style metalwork and architecture with softer elements. The hammered texture and corbels on the shoulder anchor this round form, its hand-sculpted pine cones and needles, and its rich crackle glaze. This piece pairs nicely with the Craftsman Poppy Vase from our 2014 Studio Collection.
  • Dragonflies show off their dramatic wings as they playfully promenade around the shoulder of this low bottle form. The Dragonfly Promenade Vase builds on a trio theme that is favored in classic Ephraim designs, like the beloved and recently-retired Dancing Dragonflies Bowl.
  • Ravens often symbolize insight and prophecy. An omniscient raven perches on a branch, silhouetted by the full moon. Cutouts on the rim suggest the architecture of the material world, to which the raven foretells a message from the eternal realm.
  • Forget-me-nots are a symbol of remembrance, named for a medieval German tale of love and tragedy. A knight and his lady strolled the banks of the Danube, picking a beautiful bouquet of these sky-blue flowers along the way. As they roamed at a cheerful pace, the knight tumbled into the river under the heft of his armor. With his last breath, he tossed the bouquet into his lady’s arms shouting “vergissmichnicht” or “forget-me-not!” This tile has a pleasing circular composition and is offered in two charming glaze combinations. *In an effort to remember and support the wellbeing of neighbors across the nation, Ephraim will donate 10% of our Forget-me-not Tile sales to Hunger Task Force, Inc., a nonprofit, anti-hunger public policy organization.
  • The long-lived White Oak is an old friend to us in Wisconsin. These mighty trees line our main streets and shade our pastures. We celebrate the oak on this classic bottle form with hand-sculpted acorns and rounded oak leaves. Ephraim glazers utilize multiple techniques—spraying, crackling and brush painting—to achieve a truly rich work of art worthy of its formidable subject.
  • The hummingbird is the smallest species of bird, and thus the perfect subject for our three inch tile. This precious tile features a fluttering hummingbird rendered in a dominantly green, earthy palette punctuated by a red accent.
  • A willowy dragonfly arcs over the edge of a lotus flower in Ephraim’s Lotus Dragonfly Tile. The serene subject matter and soft color palette create a calm, harmonious composition. This tile is also transformational. The design can be expanded by displaying four tiles together, resulting in a kaleidoscopic design that presents the whole lotus flower surrounded by four dancing dragonflies.  
  • Inspired by our three inch Craftsman Ginkgo Tile, this four inch version combines architectural elements borrowed from Arts & Crafts metalwork with a small ginkgo leaf medallion.