New! 2020 Studio Collection

  • This piece pays homage to the ground-breaking artistry of the historic Grueby Faience Company. The hallmarks of this award-winning pottery were harmony and symmetry of form and sculpture presented in richly textured organic colors. This vase, along with other pieces of Grueby-revival designs in our collection, will satisfy the aesthetic requirements of even the most die-hard Arts and Crafts purist.  
  • The exquisite geometry of the honeybee’s nest inspires awe. This tile takes a bird’s-eye view of a honeycomb and bee, reminiscent of an antique engraving.  
  • From late February to April fields of poppy and lupine flowers bloom across California meadows. These beautiful blossoms carpet the valleys between mountains and hills forming iconic and stunning vistas. This regal tile features poppy and lupine flowers rendered in rich, vibrant glaze colors that reflect the sunny Californian vignette.  
  • Warmer weather and dusky skies beckon Wisconsin bats to begin their swooping ritual.These hypnotic creatures, descending from the trees and arching across the sky inspired our newest bat vase. Dramatic glazes and a delicately sculpted bat make this a moody, impactful piece of pottery.  
  • The Flowering Fuchsia Bottle follows up the limited-edition Fuchsia Vase from 2016. The bowing fuchsia blossoms rest amidst sculpted leaves and cutouts at the top of this unusual bottle form. Vibrant contrast of rich pink, red tones with deep chestnut green tones creates a beautiful finish on this piece.  
  • After all the other trees have dropped their leaves, the golden ginkgo leaves still flutter on the autumn trees. The revered ginkgo is a perennial inspiration to us in the studio. We delight in representing their unique leaves and vibrant warm hues.   
  • Ravens often symbolize insight and prophecy.  On this tile, an omniscient raven perches on a branch, silhouetted by the full moon as he foretells a message from another realm.   
  • Gnarled pine branches, full of character and personality, point from the sides of this low-bellied vase, forming two jaunty handles. The crackle glazes perfectly set off the intricately sculpted pine cones, needles and branches.  
  • The Lyrical Poppy Tile is a companion piece to our popular Lyrical Poppy Vase. Both designs represent a vibrant poppy and bud tilting toward the warm California sunshine rendered with an incised technique that marks the modern, classic style of the pieces in our Rhythm Line collection.
  • This vase was inspired by our Moonlight Cat Tile. A regal house cat sits on a cloud rise motif, backlit by the full moon on the side of this cylindrical form. The design pays homage to the mysterious, primal, and spiritual qualities possessed by felines - characteristics that are well-known to their devoted human companions.  
  • In this follow-up design to our popular, retired Pacific Poppies Tile, golden-edged orange poppies dot the shoreline along the Pacific coast. Just like the original tile, this sweet three-inch version is offered in Leaf Green and Indigo.  
  • We wonder what this little turtle ponders as he lazes away an idyllic summer day. Ephraim artist, Becky Hansen has an affinity for turtles, and so it is her glazing artistry that brings this vase to life. Our go-to turtle glazer, Becky, glazed many versions of this piece to develop the perfect color scheme that embodied the verisimilitude and pizazz she thought this little turtle deserved.     
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