Pottery Mugs and Cups

Who doesn’t have a favorite pottery mug? Ephraim’s new line of mugs and cups will be the ones you find yourself reaching for again and again. One of our three potters hand throws each pottery mug on the potter’s wheel. In addition, the potters individually pull and sculpt the handles on the mugs. 

Lead-free ingredients are used to design and apply the glazes on our pottery mugs and cups in our studio. We use third-party testing to verify the ingredients are lead-free. In fact, three long years of testing yielded several complete failures. Fortunately, it also yielded a portion of promising results. From this humbling experience, we firmly concluded that these functional glazes had to be, not only pleasant but extraordinarily beautiful. Indeed, beautiful enough to eventually hold their own beside the masters of mid-century ceramics that we deeply admire. In the end, we are so happy we were able to achieve the rich, vibrant glazes, fresh color combinations, and interesting surface texture. 

Our pottery mugs and cups can be made in a variety of sizes. Our standard offerings include a child-size or espresso mug, a typical size coffee mug, a larger jumbo mug, and a cup. Are you looking for something unique? Our galleries stock a large selection of one-of-a-kind mugs in a wider variety of shapes and colors. Simply contact either gallery and they can help match you with the perfect pottery mug. 

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