Arctic Messenger Handmade Ceramic Pottery Vase

$ 498.00


Here in Wisconsin, we are far enough north that each winter–with a bit of luck–there is the tantalizing possibility of a rare snowy owl sighting. Snowy owls nest in the treeless tundra above the arctic circle. During the winter some of them migrate into southern Canada and northern US.

Arctic Messenger is an ode to our special winter visitor. A hand-sculpted snowy owl perches on a winding bittersweet vine that offers orange and yellow berries. An atmospheric pale green, off white, and grey background glaze allows the eye to focus on our main character’s big personality.

The Arctic Messenger Vase is the 23rd piece in our annual, numbered Winter Holiday Series. Each year we make one special numbered edition piece – this year The Arctic Messenger– is a numbered edition of 75. Available to order while supplies last.

Handmade to order. No two pieces of the same design look exactly alike, that’s part of the magic of handmade ceramics. Because we lean away from technologies like molds, templates, and casts, each piece is wholly unique. Minor variations in size, decoration, color and finish are intrinsic to our pottery. Please expect and embrace the variation inherent in our process.


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-Numbered-edition of 75 pieces
-Thrown, sculpted & glazed by hand
-Approximately 12.5″H x 5.5″W
-Traditional earthenware art pottery is porous, liner recommended for use with water

Pre-handmade and ready to ship. HOL-23

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