Blooming Lotus Ceramic Pottery Vase

$ 288.00

Handmade to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.

We proudly feature Alek’s contributions to our studio with a special vase that he designed for the occasion – the Blooming Lotus Vase. The Blooming Lotus Vase is the result of months of experimenting with various carved botanical designs. It nicely balances rigid and curvilinear lines in a pleasing way. Finished in a bright palette of teal, chestnut, pink, and red, this piece is truly stunning.

It is our tradition at Ephraim for artists to commemorate a milestone at the pottery with a special design. This year Alek Schroeder celebrates this momentous milestones. Artist Anniversary Series pieces are available for only one year. Alek’s Blooming Lotus Vase will retire on July 14th, 2021.

Artist anniversaries signify much more to us than merely “loyal years” of coming to work. Artists at the studio exert a major influence on the ever-evolving art that we make. The aesthetic sensibilities and honed techniques of each of our members collectively define Ephraim’s art. It is a beautiful – and novel – model for an art pottery. This model means that Ephraim’s body of work would have been far different without Alek’s strong design abilities that emphasize line and symmetry. Individual sensibilities make our art eclectic and yet the way these ideas filter through others, make our pieces cohesively Ephraim.

Handmade to order. No two pieces of the same design look exactly alike, that’s part of the magic of handmade ceramics. Because we lean away from technologies like molds, templates, and casts, each piece is wholly unique. Minor variations in size, decoration, color and finish are intrinsic to our pottery. Please expect and embrace the variation inherent in our process.


-Artist Anniversary Series Vase, available for one year only until July 14th 2021
-The pieces in our Rhythm Line forego traditional sculptural elements in favor of streamlined forms, artistic abstractions, and incised, patterned black linework reminiscent of a musical staff.
-Thrown, sculpted & glazed by hand
-Approximately 10″H x 4.5″W
-Traditional earthenware is porous; liner recommended for use with water.

Handmade to order. Please allow up to four weeks for production and delivery. N32

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