Craftsman Bookshelf

$ 450.00

Handmade to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.
Artist Anniversary Series 

We proudly feature John’s contributions to our studio with a special piece that he designed for the occasion – the Craftsman Bookshelf. John was inspired to make a small bookshelf in the Craftsman style by old-fashioned niches and pin-up shelves that he has seen at antique shows and in his local church. Years ago, his mother asked him to refinish her church’s antique Danish offering box. He admired the craftsmanship so much that it stuck with him and has culminated in this Craftsman Bookshelf. Display your pottery or books or both on his versatile piece – made with love and John’s unflinchingly high standards!

It is our tradition at Ephraim for artists to commemorate a milestone at the pottery with a special design. This year John Raymond celebrates this momentous milestone. Artist Anniversary Series pieces are available for only one year. John’s Craftsman Bookshelf will retire on August 31st, 2022.

Artist anniversaries signify much more to us than merely “loyal years” of coming to work. Artists at the studio exert a major influence on the ever-evolving art that we make. The aesthetic sensibilities and honed techniques of each of our members collectively define Ephraim’s art. It is a beautiful – and novel – model for an art pottery. This model means that Ephraim’s body of work would have been far different without John’s passion for the Arts and Crafts style and his dedication to authenticity. Individual sensibilities make our art eclectic and yet the way these ideas filter through others, make our pieces cohesively Ephraim.


Ephraim artist, John Raymond, makes components of each shelf from the same board to ensure the best grain match and applies a stain and seals the shelf with a satin finish to heighten the medullary rays of the quarter-sawn grain. John brands each piece with Ephraim Studio’s logo.  This piece is perfect for showcasing your favorite Ephraim Pottery vase. Learn more about our process.


Artist Anniversary Series design, available for one year only until August 31st 2022
– Quarter-Sawn White Oak
– 15.25″H x 10.5″W x 7.75″D

Handmade to order. ESP01

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