The glazing window is a portal between worlds and it’s brimming with hand-thrown/sculpted/glazed pots awaiting transformation by fire. On one side, the kiln master peeks beyond to the “pottery elves” who work overtime this season to lovingly create bold and beautiful pots for you.

Let it Snow Vaselast minute addition to the Winter Collection

Let it Snow is one of those pieces that breaks new ground, we are so glad we forged ahead with this unique design!

Let it Snow Vase (Winter Collection 2019), shown with the Revival Rose Vase in Cranberry (left) and the Lyrical Poppy Vase in Chestnut

Ornaments galore!

Laura meticulously hand sculpts each-and-every Snowy Pine Ornament and, with great care, Alek employs his “Jenga skills” to hang Snowy Pine Ornaments in the kiln.

Lots of laughter 😂

Artists are giddy as they school Laura in slang social media acronyms (BTW, ROTFL, OMG!). We had an “LOL moment” imagining the hilarity that ensues when Laura nonchalantly tries these expressions out on her kids!

Last, not least

Becky carefully ships finished pottery.


And Alek shares his ideas for our 2020 collection.