Meet our 10 current artists and identify their work by their artists’ stamps. The impressed mark with initials inside of a circle is the potter’s mark and indicates who threw the form. The sculptor’s mark consists of the artist’s italicized initials impressed into the clay. The underlined script initials in glaze represent the artist who glazed the piece.

Kevin Hicks

Kevin Hicks is the founder and owner of Ephraim Pottery. He is also the studio’s primary potter and has a strong interest in designing pieces that offer an innovative and architectural quality.

Laura Klein

Laura Klein joined Ephraim Pottery in 2000. She brings to the studio a bold sculpting style, characterized by high relief and flowing, organic designs. Laura is famous for sculpting little critters with big personalities.

Ken Nekola

Ken Nekola came to Ephraim Pottery in 2002 with 30 years experience as a potter and sculptor. Ken cultivates a symmetrical, precise sculpting style, bringing a level of exactitude to each piece that he forms.

John Raymond

John Raymond joined Ephraim Pottery as a studio foreman and glazer in 2001, but nowadays he is the artist behind the studio’s woodshop. John designs and lovingly handcrafts Ephraim’s wood offerings with unflinchingly high standards of quality.

Becky Hansen

Becky Hansen came to Ephraim Pottery in 2006, from the historic Van Briggle Pottery in Colorado. Becky spends the majority of her time glazing, but also has aptitude and affinity for sculpting vases. She brings a subtle sensitivity to our ceramic art that has resulted in wonderfully textured and favorite glaze combinations like Autumn Reflections, Birch, and Curdled Amethyst.

Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer Alexander joined Ephraim Pottery in 2010 as a young artist, but has quickly become a leader in the glazing department. She eagerly takes on big challenges and innovates new glazing techniques. Jennifer is one of our most prolific and influential glazers.

Leah Purisch

Leah Purisch came to Ephraim Pottery in 2011 with a background in oil painting. With Leah’s knowledge of two-dimensional techniques and composition, the studio has been able to expand our offerings to include tile designs and scenic vases.

Allison Jelenchick

Allison Jelenchick joined Ephraim Pottery in 2015 as a gallery assistant. In short order, her talent, creativity, and enthusiasm for ceramic art transitioned her to a glazing position in the studio. Here Allison’s fearless technique and vision have helped us pioneer fresh glazing schemes.

Alek Schroeder

Alek Schroeder joined Ephraim Pottery in 2015. Alek had a strong interest in ceramics throughout high school and college and his work here at the studio has further honed his throwing skills. Alek brings a fresh eye for design and impresses us with his unique carved vases.

Jill Winslow

Jill Winslow is our newest artist – she joined Ephraim Pottery in 2017 as a glazer. Jill is a creative spirit through and through. She relishes the challenges of ceramic art and brings intense enthusiasm along with a new perspective.