Our Process

A step-by-step labor of love from our hands to yours, one piece at a time


New design ideas are always in the works. Our artists bring inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. We collaborate with one another to expand on new ideas, experimenting through endless iterations of trial and error, and refine our craft with hours and hours of practice.


All pieces begin as humble lumps of clay that our potters masterfully spin into forms as large as our kilns can hold or as small as a delicate holiday ornament.


Each Ephraim sculptor has a distinct style: one excels at sculpting designs with exactitude and symmetry, another has a flair for bold, flowing sculpture, and another is a master at structural, architectural creations.

Bisque Firing

The thrown and sculpted pieces must be slow-dried over the course of several days to a week depending on the heaviness of the applied sculpture. When the piece is bone dry, we load it into a kiln and fire it to nearly 2000 degrees for twelve hours.


Glazing begins in the lab where we create all of our original custom glazes. Ephraim glazers pour the glaze over and into the primary bisqueware forms. The artists utilize delicate brushwork and an exacting eye for detail on the intricate sculptural or structural elements.

Glaze Firing

Once the glazers have applied the raw glaze, an artist loads the vases and tiles into a kiln, carefully stilting them to accommodate the flowing glaze that will drip off the feet of the vases. We fire the glaze kilns to cone 03, just under 2000 degrees.

The next day when the kilns are cool enough to open, the chalky glaze has been transformed into vibrant, vitrified hues. Some pieces will be glazed a second time to achieve a crackle and patina effect.