Memorial Urns

Ceramic Memorial Urns for Ashes
Ephraim Pottery would be honored to help you select and customize a one-of-a-kind urn to memorialize your loved one. Generation upon generation will cherish our ceramic memorial urns as unique pieces of art.

How Do We Create Our Memorial Urns?

Ephraim artists create each urn one-at-a-time, by hand. Our potters begin the process with a piece of clay thrown on a potters’ wheel. Next, our sculptors design the decoration. These sculpted elements are then applied to the thrown form. The forms or the sculptural decorations are hand-created without the use of molds. Next, we add a glaze to the memorial urn. These crystalline matte glazes are designed in-house. Finally, the glazed pieces are fired in our kilns.

Can the Urns Be Customized?

Ceramic memorial urns may be customized with a short hand-incised inscription on their foot. Our urns may also be customized in different sizes and glaze colors to suit your preferences. Are you interested in even more customization options?  If so, simply contact us to discuss the possibilities. Over the years, we have worked with individual customers to create a number of specialized, customized ceramic urns.

What Type of Lids are Included with the Memorial Urns?

Our urns have ‘flanged lids’ that hang over the edge of the base or ‘gallery lids’ that sit inside the rim of the base. In addition, both flanged and gallery lids can be sealed with a silicone glue or epoxy. As a result, your loved one’s remains will be safe and secure.

Above all, ceramic memorial urns are special because each piece is highly unique. Ephraim artists apply an exceptional amount of care and artistry to the urns we create, making them a distinctive way to honor those that you love.

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