Functional Pottery Bowls

A stylish table is easy with Ephraim Elemental handmade pottery bowls. We designed this collection with intention. That is to say, it was created to hold items of purpose. Each pottery bowl is wheel-thrown, hand-sculpted and finished in our certified food safe glazes. These glazes are designed and mixed in our studio lab.

The bowls are intended for every course and every meal. Have that ice cream sundae in style, dish out grandma’s special mac and cheese recipe at your next family gathering, or share your homegrown-garden salad at the neighborhood barbeque.  Ephraim Elemental handmade pottery bowls are also the perfect place to put your favorite candies out for guests or throw together a gourmet ramen weekday dinner.

The bowls also make great gifts. For example, a nested set of bowls make the perfect wedding present or house-warming gift. Whatever the occasion, there is a perfect Elemental bowl or set of bowls.

Our handmade pottery bowls are both functional tableware and statement-making forms in one package. When storage is necessary, they take up minimal space. However, they are crafted to be displayed as a work of art. Eye-catching glaze colors can spice up your kitchen and dining room design. With six glaze colors to choose from, they complement or match any decor–mix while adding more flavor. Bon appetit!

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