Ephraim Pottery History

Back in the mid-90s, Kevin Hicks was growing increasingly frustrated by the monotony of his job as a production potter. Turning out hundreds of pots a week wasn’t satisfying his creativity and as he began to explore alternatives, Kevin discovered the American Arts & Crafts Movement. He immediately felt a kinship with the potters who had rebelled against mass production a century earlier. With its emphasis on natural motifs and the value placed on beautiful objects made by hand, this movement resonated with Kevin’s ideals.

In July 1996, Kevin and two partners founded Ephraim Pottery. The partners have since moved on to other things, but Ephraim has continued to grow and evolve. Kevin and eight other studio artists form a creative collective that is unmatched in the contemporary ceramic field.

Today, twenty-two years later, Ephraim Pottery is recognized as the standard-bearers for Arts & Crafts revival pottery. We have two storefronts, our work is sold in museums and high-end retail shops across the country, and there is a large secondary market for our work.