Experimental Darner Redux Miniature Vase

Year Released: 2012

Created 2012 Hand-signed by Ken Nekola, Jennifer Grelk Purchased 11/30/12 - the first day of the 2012 Holiday Pottery Fest in Lake Mills, WI Approximately 5"H x 2.5"W Private Collection: Don Whitt "My 77th EFP. Made and ink signed by Ken Nekola. Glazed and ink signed by Jennifer Grelk. Stamped KN. Made in 2012. Picture of Ken making these (there were 3 done- the one I bought and one in each of the 2 production glazes) is one Kristin posted to Facebook before the event. I was extremely lucky- this was my first choice mini and there were only 3 dfly minis available. Love the new cranberry glaze developed by Jennifer Grelk"

Price: $118

Number Of Items Created: 1

Special Collection: Experimental Pottery

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