Ready-to-ship Seconds/Irregulars

What is a ‘Second’? ‘Irregular’?
Seconds – priced 50% off and engraved with an “X” on the foot – are deemed not first quality for a variety of reasons, including cracking, unacceptable glaze flaws, and chipping. Irregulars – priced 25% off and engraved with an “I” on the foot – differ from the archival piece in ways that do not impact the integrity of the design but are too far afield from the original piece. Pieces may also be marked irregular for minor glazing and sculpting flaws.

In this sale, we have tried to present the exact flaw of each piece with a photograph and written description of that flaw. All sales of second and irregular pottery are final, so please look and read carefully. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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