Highland Thistle Ceramic Pottery Tile

$ 58.00

Handmade to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.


Did you know that the oldest ‘national flower’ is Scotland’s thistle and it dates back to the 1200’s? This tile celebrates the thistle’s jagged edges and range of green and violet hues in a compact, pleasing composition.

Handmade to order. No two pieces of the same design look exactly alike, that’s part of the magic of handmade ceramics. Minor variations in size, decoration, color and finish are intrinsic to our pottery. Please expect and embrace the variation inherent in our process.



-Hand pressed from our artist-made molds and hand glazed
-4″H x 4″ W
-Tile has notch in the back for hanging

Handmade to order. R42

Tile sold unframed

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