Art Pottery

American ceramics history includes a long tradition of creating collectible art pottery. This pottery type is characterized as being primarily decorative and inspired by nature. Ephraim Pottery has carried on this tradition of making collectible art pottery since 1996. We create vases, lanterns, and lidded vessels. A master potter hand-throws these pieces on a wheel. They are also individually hand-sculpted. Our creations are then finished with our studio-designed microcrystalline matte glazes

Our thoughtful collection of art pottery includes pieces in a range of colors, sizes, shapes, and price ranges. In fact, our collection has pieces to suit every home and budget. The foot of each piece is stamped with our studio mark, the year the piece was created, and the stamp of the artist who made the piece. For more information, read about how we mark our pottery. In addition, learn a little bit more about each of our artists and see their stamps by visiting our Artist page. For each design we create, the number of pieces is tracked. This information can be found in our Historical Archive Database.

We hope that our art pottery – vases, tiles, and tableware– are all pieces that will be treasured, displayed, and collected for many years to come.

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