Functional Pottery Tableware

Ephraim Elemental is Ephraim Pottery’s line of functional pottery tableware. It is intended to be beautiful in both form and function. Stoneware clay is used to handmake these pieces which are fired to a higher temperature than our Ephraim Art Pottery. They are then finished with our food-safe, watertight glazes.

Ephraim Elemental Tableware’s modern, elegant forms serve as the canvas for rich, colorful glazes. These glazes have a matte, stony texture. The material elements fire, clay, and mineral oxides, inherent in the ceramic process, inspire our pieces. We present pieces elemental to life’s daily rituals. Moreover, they evoke joy through vibrant and solid design.

Our functional pottery collection includes a variety of drinkware. Included are a mug for coffee or tea, a smaller mug for espresso or children’s drinkware, and a tumbler for juice or smoothies. In addition, there are three sizes of bowls and a flower vase. The bowls are perfect as serving dishes, as well as everyday tableware.

We are confident eating or drinking from a handmade Ephraim Elemental functional pottery piece will make your grain bowl, soup, morning oatmeal, coffee, and tea taste better.

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