Pottery Vases

Since 1996, Ephraim art pottery vases have been the American decorative arts standard. Our aesthetic celebrates the hand of the maker. Each is wheel-thrown, hand-sculpted, and finished with our signature in-house designed glazes. As a result, the artist is reflected in each individually-crafted vase.

Our nature-inspired art pottery vases bring the outdoors inside your home. They incorporate botanical themes such as poppies, roses, irises, violets, pine needles, pine cones, oak leaves, acorns, and ginkgo leaves. We also enjoy representing animals, such as bats, ravens, cardinals, finches, foxes, bears, mice, cats, rabbits, and other fauna, into our vases. 

Are you looking for a vase that fits into a specific spot in your home? We have miniature, small, seasonal-themed, centerpiece, and tall vases, and lidded jars. Ephraim Pottery vases range from two inches tall to 15 inches tall.

Perhaps you are searching for a certain color vase to accentuate your home’s other decorative elements. Our vases come in a range of earthy colors, from greens to olives, blues and teals, and yellows and bronze. These colors can perfectly complement classic decor’s jewel tones and pick up tones in traditional plant-dyed Persian rugs. In addition, our pottery vases’ earthy colors work well as a fresh, interesting conversation piece in minimalist and modern decorative schemes.


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