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  • Sometimes the world’s smallest creatures deserve the most careful attention. Three little bees crown the rim of this sweet cabinet vase and invite you to notice their intricate sculpting and unique glaze application. Notice the bees’ delicate wings, the bees’ patterned bodies, the bees’ important role in the ecosystem as pollinators.
  • A pair of ponderosa pines reach above misty mountain ridges, stretching their boughs into the big clear sky. Tiny and sublime, the Big Sky Cabinet Vase is a wonderful addition to our Rhythm Line collection.
  • A simple bowing pine branch bends at the rim of this sweet vase. The flowing lines of the hand-sculpted pine branch, pine cone, and pine needles drape across the form with a sense of graceful movement, while the teardrop-shaped cutout adds an element of whimsical discovery.
  • The Calla Lily, with its clean, gently curved lines, is wonderfully perfect in and of itself. Here, this symbol of purity, love, and transition bends gracefully across the vessel, gently going with the flow and celebrating life.
  • Clarity Vase

    $ 168.00
    The Clarity Vase distills a large dose of classic Arts & Crafts style into a refined, small vase. Inspired by the historic innovators at Grueby Faience Pottery in the late 19th Century, this piece repeats the timeless leaf-and-bud motif on an exquisite hand-thrown form.
  • Dragonflies show off their dramatic wings as they playfully promenade around the shoulder of this low bottle form. The Dragonfly Promenade Vase builds on a trio theme that is favored in classic Ephraim designs, like the beloved and recently-retired Dancing Dragonflies Bowl.
  • Have you ever been able to catch a falling gingko leaf? Gingko trees famously “rain” their leaves in the fall, but their funny shape makes them notoriously hard to catch. Here a little gingko leaf, poised on the rim of this simple, elegant form dares you to catch it.
  • Frog’s Life

    $ 158.00
    A vibrant green frog leaps onto the side of this wonderful little vase to visit with a ladybug. Ephraim artist Laura Klein sculpts each frog and insect individually, imbuing every piece with its own distinct personality.
  • Loyalty Bowl

    $ 148.00
    This piece pays homage to the ground-breaking artistry of the historic Grueby Faience Company. Sublime form, symmetrical sculpting and richly textured organic glazes were the hallmarks of Grueby’s award-winning pottery. Start a new collection or round out an existing one with this timeless bowl. Now available in four new Ephraim glaze options.
  • It won't be difficult to make space in your home and heart for this sweet, diminutive piece. Fresh colors and delicate sculpting make it a cheerful addition to the collection.
  • Red Fox Jar

    $ 178.00
    A little red fox has curled up for a nap in a grassy clearing at the edge of the woods. As the kit sleeps, he is unaware of his clever reputation and beauty. This whimsical lidded vessel is a perfect hiding place for a small treasure.
  • Tritone Vase

    $ 188.00
    The tritone is a musical interval composed of three adjacent whole tones. Ephraim artists play with a variation on this theme by creating three precisely, hand-rendered flower buds that encircle a small, soft form. The Tritone Vase is available in three glaze colors to coordinate with designs from our musically-inspired Rhythm Line, including the Revival Rose Vase and the Lyrical Poppy Vase.