• Acorn Tile

    $ 58.00
    This quintessential Arts and Crafts tile showcases the humble beauty of oak leaves and acorns. We offer this tile in three earthy glaze variations that stand alone or work nicely as a triptych.
  • Sometimes the world’s smallest creatures deserve the most careful attention. Three little bees crown the rim of this sweet cabinet vase and invite you to notice their intricate sculpting and unique glaze application. Notice the bees’ delicate wings, the bees’ patterned bodies, the bees’ important role in the ecosystem as pollinators.
  • The Bixby Bridge leads tourists traveling on California’s HWY 1 to the breathtakingly beautiful Big Sur. This tile depicts the Bixby bridge and the surrounding coastline. This piece forms a triptych with the Morro Bay tile and the Cambria tile.

  • A simple bowing pine branch bends at the rim of this sweet vase. The flowing lines of the hand-sculpted pine branch, pine cone, and pine needles drape across the form with a sense of graceful movement, while the teardrop-shaped cutout adds an element of whimsical discovery.
  • The Calla Lily, with its clean, gently curved lines, is wonderfully perfect in and of itself. Here, this symbol of purity, love, and transition bends gracefully across the vessel, gently going with the flow and celebrating life.
  • Cambria, California is a second home to our studio and the site of Ephraim Pottery West Coast Gallery. We are continually inspired by the breathtaking beauty of California’s Central Coast. This tile celebrates the iconic Monterey Pines that surround Cambria.
  • Cambria, California is home to Ephraim’s only gallery outside of Wisconsin. Our artists have a special affinity for this small coastal town. This tile depicts Moonstone Beach, the coastline, the boardwalk, and the pretty yellow flowers that border the beach. This piece forms a triptych with the Morro Bay tile and the Big Sur tile.
  • The American Craftsman Movement came on the scene over a century ago, and its revivals and reverberations continue to be relevant today. Decorative arts from this era showcase nature themes, often with distinct linear patterning. Ephraim’s Craftsman Dragonfly Tile features the quintessential dragonfly framed by a unique architectural border. The strong simplicity of the Craftsman style in this piece makes it a perfect complement to any period home or existing collection.
  • Inspired by our Craftsman Gingko Bowl, this small tile combines architectural elements borrowed from Arts and Crafts metalwork with a small gingko leaf medallion.
  • Inspired by our Craftsman Poppy Vase, this tile combines the freeform lines of the wild poppy flower, leaves, and buds, with hammered textural elements borrowed from Arts and Crafts metalwork.

  • The Ephraim Elemental Large Bowl is a versatile serving bowl. Elevate your everyday salads and side dishes with a handmade bowl, you will be surprised how special it makes a meal! The pieces in our Essential line blend minimalist design with vibrant, cheerful colors.
  • The Ephraim Elemental Medium Bowl is the perfect everyday piece, great for everything from popcorn, to soups and pasta, to individual salads and small side dishes. The pieces in our Essential line blend minimalist design with vibrant, cheerful colors.