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  • This sweet little ornament features a miniature pumpkin entwined with bittersweet, a spinoff of our recent Fall Collection Bittersweet Pumpkin–Limited Edition. Its arching stem and flat bottom make this piece versatile as a hanging ornament or a miniature table decoration. Inspired by the pumpkin patch that she cultivates to supply her fall pies, Ephraim artist Laura Klein designed this piece. She also collects dried bittersweet vines that thrive around her property to incorporate into her fall home decor.   
  • Amid the low light and grey tones of a winter landscape the bright red cardinal stands out as a little decoration, or eyecatcher. We designed Eyecatcher as a complement to last year’s Winter Songbird Vase in our annual Winter Holiday Series. This hand-thrown and sculpted vase celebrates our favorite winter visitor - the famous Northern Cardinal. The hand-sculpted cardinal perches on a low relief pine branch. A rich green chestnut glaze and a mottled, earthy golden tone accentuate the bright red focal points.   
  • The exquisite geometry of a honeybee’s nest inspires awe. This ornament takes a bird’s-eye view of a honeycomb and bee, reminiscent of antique engravings. Building on the success of last year’s first-ever tile ornament, we follow up with a miniaturized version of our popular Honeycomb tile, framed in a unique hexagonal quarter-sawn oak frame for your holiday tree.  
  • School is cancelled and we’ve got firewood stacked, hot chocolate warmed, and board games at the ready as we hunker down in our little bungalow with snow muffling the sounds outside. Our Let it Snow Vase draws on our nostalgia for those “snowed-in” days when the world seems to revolve a little more slowly. Tall, narrow form and rounded edges provide an understated canvas for scenic windows that depict snowy bungalows. Each vase is carved individually by hand, making each as unique as a snowflake.   
  • We commemorate your favorite holiday bloom with this cheerful and vibrant tile. Brilliant red leaves emerge from a pumpkin-colored border, surrounded by varied shades of green leaves. This special tile is the perfect addition to your holiday decor and will look cheerful all year round.  
  • Ephraim sculptors adorn this hand-thrown ornament with a pine sprig. From the soft, subtle form to the richly textured glaze, this exquisite ornament exudes the aura of calm and quietude in winter.  
  • Buy a pair of Snowy Pine Ornaments and save $10. The pair includes one of each glaze color - Autumn Reflections and Snow.