Pull out the Recipe Card!

Just like baking that chocolate soufflé, each King Vase (retired) comes together one step at a time.


king vase
Step One: Apply crenellation pattern to the rim of the form; sketch out tentacle map. Use extruded clay to sculpt the arms of the octopus.

Step Two: Attach the wheel-thrown octopus head.

King Vase sculpting
Step Three: Add crown, suckers, and jewels. Brush and/or sponge as needed to desired texture. Set his royal majesty aside to dry.
King Vase sculpting
King Vase drying
King Vase Glazing
Step Four: Dip, brush and spray bisque-fired King with desired glaze and fire in kiln.

King Vase glazing
Step Five: Apply a crackle wash and fire again in a second glaze firing.
King Vase
Let cool, display and enjoy for generations to come.

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