Au naturale:  Before being fired in a bisque kiln, a notch is hand cut into the back of each tile. This notch can be used to hang your tile directly on the wall. In the Studio Gallery we use a simple 2″ screw straight into the wall at a 90 degree angle. The tile notch fits securely on the head of the 2″ screw and the 2″ screw holds steadfast to the wall. If the screw isn’t installed into a stud, you might need some kind of additional hardware (e.g. a drywall anchor) to stabilize the screw.
Art Pottery Tile
Framed: When we introduced our line of tiles in January 2012, we knew that any frames we would offer to our customers had to match the quality and craftsmanship of our ceramics. Fortunately, John Raymond, known for his unflinchingly high standards, was an experienced woodworker up for the challenge of creating accessory products to showcase the tiles. John makes Ephraim’s tile frames and stands in very much the same way that woodworkers did in the early 20th century. If you want to read more about John’s process click here.

Pair John’s Mission-style frame with one of our tiles, and the finished combination is a work of art that truly evokes the Arts and Crafts movement which inspired it.

Craftsman Wood Frame and Stand
Our frames feature a keyhole notch on the backside for hanging on the wall – with a simple 2″ screw at a 90° angle into a stud or using a drywall anchor.

Prefer to display your framed tile on a mantle, table, or bookshelf? A Quarter-sawn Oak Frame Stand accomplishes this – and really makes a statement. Above, a 5″x5″ Dragonfly Lotus Glaze Variation tile is displayed framed in an Ephraim Studios quarter-sawn white oak Frame for 5×5 tiles. The framed tile sits on a Quarter-sawn Oak Frame Stand.

Art Pottery Tile
On a stand: Ephraim art tiles are notched on the back for hanging directly on the wall in the orientation intended by the artist. However, with use of a tile stand, frame, or combination of both, many designs can be displayed in any orientation that suits you.
Art Pottery Tile Stand
Available in three sizes, Ephraim tile stands are meant to display any of our tile designs regardless of the dimensions. Shown here is our 4″x4″ Craftsman Dragonfly tile. See the difference when we display the same tile side by side on our 3″, 5″ and 7″ tile stands, respectively? Your personal aesthetic will determine which stand is right for you.

Stain color is not an option

Like Ephraim’s ceramic designs, no two finished pieces of the same tile frame or stand will look exactly alike – that’s part of the magic of handmade. The same multi-step finishing process is used on each piece of carefully selected white oak, but minor variations in color and finish result from this process. The range of color and grain you see in our wood products comes from the piece of wood that the stand or frame is made from. Please embrace the variation inherent in our process.

3" stand

Ceramic art tile is pourous

As traditional earthenware, Ephraim art tiles are porous. They are not suitable for wet areas unless properly sealed.

Tile thickness varies

Since our tile are pressed and trimmed by hand, the dimensions are never exactly the same from one tile to the next. The height and width will be very close to the stated dimensions, however the thickness varies from approximately 1/2″ to 3/4″.

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