In our galleries, on the phone, through email and social media–our Customer Service team members happily field your questions daily.

Here are the top five most frequently asked questions, answered.

🗨️ #1: There is a pinging sound coming from my new Ephraim vase. Is it normal?

Answer: Yes–very normal. The pinging (that is the word we use for it in the studio) will diminish over time. What causes it? When the pots first come out of the kiln, the glaze adjusts to the clay body and that pinging is the glaze crazing to fit the clay body. Every pot we make “talks” like this. It is nothing to worry about and does no harm to the piece.


American Art Pottery
🗨️ #2: Can I put fresh flowers in my vase?

Answer A: Yes… IF you have an Ephraim Elemental (Ee) vase, which is functional and designed for every day use. Ee tableware is stamped on the foot with our functional pottery (Ee) mark, fired to a higher temperature, and finished with our food-safe watertight glazes.

Answer B: Not directly if your piece is art pottery. Ephraim art pottery jars, vases, bowls and tiles are traditional earthenware and porous. To prevent damage to furniture and extend the life of your piece, never put water directly into your art pottery. We recommend using a liner for use with water.

Handmade Ceramic Vase
🗨️ #3: What do you mean by a liner? What kind of liner? Where do I find a liner?

Answer: Glass, plastic, a bag or a bottle – anything that holds water and fits inside your piece will work. There is no one-size-fits-all-solution. You can find vessels at craft stores and some florists, or you can simply cut a plastic bottle from your recycling bin to size.



American Art Pottery
🗨️ #4: Can I purchase an Ephraim piece that is not currently in production?

Answer: The place to check for pieces no longer in production (ie ‘retired’ pieces) is our galleries. In general, if a design is available on our website, it is currently in production. In order to enhance collectability, once we have retired a design from production and published the number of pieces that were made – in our Historical Archive Database – we do not make that design the same way again. We are developing and introducing new designs all the time and will gladly take your feedback and suggestions for inspiration.


🗨️ #5: How will I know when new designs and collections are released, and when Ephraim promotions are happening? 

Answer: Join our email list. It’s that simple. We reach out to our email subscribers every Tuesday with a newsletter-like this one. Do you know pottery enthusiasts who should be in the know? Please share this email with them.

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