Experimentation is continuous at Ephraim. It’s an inherent advantage of working cooperatively as a small group of artists in a collaborative environment. Experimentation, product development, trial and error – however you label it – leads to new skills, designs, methods, and glazes that inspire and improve our pottery daily.

Including you, our friends and visitors, in our experimentation process provides a dynamic way to share ideas with our audience and gain feedback on product development through our POT(tery) of the Week and other experimental offerings. We hope you enjoy seeing our new designs!

It starts with the “E” stamp.

American Art Pottery

When we set out to try something new, we mark the foot (bottom) of our piece with an “E” stamp to indicate that it is an experimental design. Each morning we open the kilns with anticipation – never sure exactly what will be unveiled. Sometimes we know instantly that a design is on the right track. More often there is work to be done before the design is offered for sale.

What happens to these Experimental pieces?

Experimental pottery is a by-product of our product development work. These pieces are the front lines of innovation at Ephraim. Some designs are further developed, refined and ultimately offered in a Studio Collection, Seasonal Collection, or POT of the Week.

American Art Pottery
~ Where to find Experimentals ~

~ We will likely hold 1-4 announced offerings of Experimentals per this calendar year on our website at https://ephraimpottery.com/product-category/experimental-pottery.

~ To find (and buy) the featured POT of the Week limited design, simply bookmark https://ephraimpottery.com/product-category/pot-of-the-week, or check your email for an inbox notification with a link each Tuesday morning.

~ Our Galleries in Lake Mills, WI and Cambria, CA have Experimental pieces available from time to time. Visit in person or inquire by phone or email.

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