With the release of our brand new 2021 catalog on the horizon, we have realized there is a misconception and perhaps some confusion out there regarding the continued availability of our 2020 Studio Collection pieces. Let’s try and clear up a few things about retirements.

Ephraim lingo: verb, adjective : to withdraw from production; a piece that has been withdrawn from production.

Why are Ephraim designs retired?

There are no strict rules for retirement except one – our Studio Collection art pottery designs are limited to a maximum of 500 pieces. Studio Collections are released annually – typically in March, and are featured in our annual catalog. Throughout the calendar year we release more designs in a variety of limited offerings. The potential longevity of a particular design is determined by the collection or series it is a member of.

guide chart
Aside from reaching the stated availability time frame, maximum piece count, or both, designs may be retried because a change in materials no longer allows us to achieve a desired level of consistency.

Toward the beginning of each calendar year we choose a handful of pieces to retire from production in order to make room for new designs, keeping our overall offerings fresh and interesting.

If a design is available to order on our website it is currently in production. Contact our galleries to find recently retired designs and one-of-a-kind items.

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