Thanks so much to all of you who kindly responded to our call for ideas for a unity themed vase. We had so many terrific contributions from you. Many of you suggested motifs that involved intertwining or gathering – knots, vines, tree trunks, bouquets of flowers. Additionally, we received many suggestions in which the form of the vase illustrates the concept of unity through the incorporation of handles and many would like to see our take on a Pueblo wedding vase. Also many of you offered animals and plants that compliment one another in a symbiotic way as unity themes – for example, birds that mate for life, bees that pollinate flowers, etc.

Today the studio came together to discuss the concepts you provided to us and we came away from this brainstorm session with the idea to work with four overarching themes. We plan to explore the concept of intertwining branches that make a knot and form handles; a bouquet of flowers that rests wreath-like on the rim of a form; a pair of vases that compliment one another in their form and motif, but can stand alone as pieces on their own; and a ceremonial unity pitcher inspired by the pueblo wedding vessels.

The next step is to refine these concepts with sketches and throw the initial forms. In this design process the ideas often start big and become much different as we refine. We invite you to follow along with us on this journey and help us make design decisions as we move forward.