From Game of Thrones and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to Bigfoot and “Shark Week”, we are inspired by popular culture. Collaborate with Ephraim artists to design a fan-built pop culture vase.  Which offbeat, nontraditional motif makes a good subject for ceramic art?

Every Ephraim vase begins with a free flow of ideas – in a sketch or through freeform play with the clay.  Help us transform a simple lump of clay by responding to us on Facebook, Instagram or email ([email protected]) with your ideas for a motif. We’ll gather a group of the strongest or most unique ideas and then reach out to you again with our interpretations of your theme. Follow and participate in this journey on our Facebook and Instagram pages(#ephraimfanbuilt).

Update 8/17/2018 –

At the studio this week we sketched out a plan to make the first pop culture vase. Laura unearthed a Lord of the Rings book and a couple of books with antique children’s illustrations to inspire us. We want to create a personified tree who holds a bowl between his limbs. Kevin threw the forms for the trunk and the bowl. Laura will throw the limb that supports the bowl and then she will assemble the thrown forms and embellish the tree with sculpture. Follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram as we work out the finer details of this piece and as we explore other pop culture vase ideas – #ephraimfanbuilt

Pop Culture-inspired Experimental Pieces from Years Past

All of these pieces were created from 2015-2018 and currently reside in private collections.

Kevin’s Bigfoot Throwing A Pot Vase

Kevin is the ultimate Bigfoot fan. For his birthday we created a lidded jar for him featuring Bigfoot throwing a pot. This piece now holds a prominent place in Kevin’s home as a prized part of his art collection.