Spring Peepers Bowl Reserve Edition

As the world around us emerges from dormant winter, the sounds of spring surround us. The choruses of chirping frogs in the woods and marshes around our studio inspired us to make this new lyrical piece. We invite you into our imagination to behold a pair of little frogs meeting amongst the reeds and cattails, poised on a pond’s bank as they contemplate plopping into the newly thawed pool.

An organic bowl form; loose, running glazes; and sculpted frogs with an abundance of personality harmonize in this piece. The oblong bowl has a wide mouth that opens from a narrow base. The sculptor, Laura Klein, cuts and shapes the rim of each form before applying the other sculptural elements. Next she sculpts each frog -the frog’s throat is a tiny pot thrown separately and then attached to his sculpted body.

The bowl has a unique glaze application with leaf green on the outside of the form and teal on the inside to convey a setting of both bank and pond. The looser glazing techniques create a nice sense of movement. We hope you enjoy the whimsy and narrative of Ephraim’s newest limited offering. Available until May 11th at 5PM CDT, $328

peeperssculpt peepersglaze

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