Diane Hergot Loves Nature

Anything related to camping, hiking, gardening, stand-up paddle boarding, or the simple act of reveling in the outdoors interests Diane Hergot. She’s been visiting Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks since she was a child. These natural treasures continue to inspire a lifetime of travel and exploration.

Ephraim Pottery Designs Embrace Nature

Her love for nature aligns with Ephraim Pottery’s embrace of nature motifs inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement. During the Arts & Crafts era of the late 19th century artisans often incorporated nature themes with impeccable craftsmanship into architecture, furniture and artwork.

Today, over a century later, this way of experiencing the world resonates with Dianne, “The beautiful artistry, meticulous skill and amazing workmanship with which every piece is handcrafted sets Ephraim apart from others. I love supporting artisans who are still making items by hand and providing quality over quantity in this mass-produced world.”

Dianne collects pieces with themes related to what she encounters in the forests and meadows, such as pine cones, acorns, leaves and berries, chipmunks and bears. Like us at Ephraim, she’s kind of a tree hugger.

Showcasing Nature in Home Decor

Dianne captures the Arts & Crafts idea of showcasing nature through refined design in her southern California home with seasonal displays. Her decor merges Ephraim pottery with other artwork in other mediums. She is inspired by the breathtaking landscapes surrounding her—scenic mountains, shorelines and deserts—that reflect the changing seasons. Diane groups artwork by theme and color, adding height with small pedestals or stacked books to create more visual interest. Natural elements, such as a pine bow, leaves, or a branch of berries enhance the staging.

She was first introduced to Ephraim around 2005. Dianne traveled to Pasadena to tour the Craftsman homes there, including the Gamble House which houses a couple Ephraim designs.

Dianne loves our Experimental pottery and describes how she set timers all around her house so she wouldn’t miss her first Experimental online sale. She understands that quantity doesn’t match demand with these one-of-a-kind treasures. An Experimental chipmunk vase featured in the Welcome Fall photo above is her favorite.

“A piece of pottery not only tells a story about the artists who made it, but also the person who…adds it to their collection,” Dianne reflects. We look forward to how the story of Dianne and her Ephraim Pottery collection continues to unfold.