These five new seasonal pieces will be available to order from August 30th, 2019-September 30th, 2019.

Fall is a favorite season, a time when wayward winds spin and altered light casts suspicious shadows. This autumn we offer you a collection inspired by the unique aspects of the season –conspiring bats, a bit of bittersweet, fluttering ginkgo leaves, a black cat lurking, and a bridge to what comes next.

Bittersweet Pumpkin

The Bittersweet Pumpkin is a Laura Klein design through and through. Laura enjoys growing these short Cinderella pumpkins in her garden to use in her fall pies. She also collects dried bittersweet vines that grow on her property to incorporate into her fall decor. 


Onward Vase

The bridge motif is a favorite at Ephraim. We enjoy the repeating architectural design elements of bridges and appreciate their symbolism around the act of moving forward. The Onward Vase marries our signature sculpting with our new functional glazes in a classic Ephraim green color. This allows you to display your favorite fall flowers in a water-tight Ephraim vase with no liner.  

Coven Vase

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble…

Three bats hide among the billowing leaves to whisper and conspire, reminding us of the three witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. This piece is offered in two spooky glaze combinations: Chestnut and Crystalline Purple. 

Bearer of Hope Jar

Glancing up from morning coffee and newspaper, the ginkgo leaves that flutter outside in the blustery fall wind remind us that the world is larger than those troubling headlines. Inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and decoratively painted Japanese folding panels, or Byōbu, this elegant jar features ginkgo leaves as they pass through three window frames. The Bearer of Hope Jar is carved with a free hand, so each piece is slightly different than the next.

Ready to Prowl Tile

A black cat awakens at nightfall and stretches as he readies himself for a night prowling the city. Two glaze firings and a variety of glazing techniques create the feeling of a dusky autumn evening, complete with illuminated windows and overcast sky.