Artist Anniversary Series

It is our tradition at Ephraim for artists to commemorate a milestone at the pottery with a special design. Celebrating their anniversaries this year are Jennifer Grelk, 5 years; and Laura Klein, 15 years.

These anniversaries signify much more to us than merely “loyal years” of coming to work. Artists at the studio exert a major influence on the art that we make. The aesthetic sensibilities and honed techniques of each of our members collectively define Ephraim’s art. It is a beautiful – and novel – model for an art pottery. This model means that Ephraim’s body of work would have been far different without Laura’s flowing flowers and terrific critters; or Jennifer’s adventurous glazing innovations. These individual’s sensibilities make our art eclectic and yet the way their ideas filter through others, make our pieces cohesively Ephraim.

Artist Anniversary Series pieces available for only one year. Retiring May 13, 2016.


Laura’s Vase

Ephraim artist Laura Klein commemorates her 15 years at the studio with this bold, dramatic vase. Two of Laura’s signature irises adorn this monumental form. Laura hand-sculpts each and every iris, imbuing every flower she makes with individual personality – just like in nature. Presented in leaf green glaze with light green moss highlights and yellow irises.

Laura Klein has deep passions for art and nature. She came to the pottery 15 years ago as a self-taught potter and in fact, had sold her riding saddle to buy a potters’ wheel. In short order, Laura learned to sculpt and in this realm her bold aesthetic merged with her strong affinity for nature to create some of the most beloved Ephraim designs. When Laura is not designing and sculpting vases, she can be found riding her horses, tending her ducks and chickens, and foraging for wild plants in the Wisconsin woods. Her unique intimacy with nature truly allows her to transfer insightful observations into beautiful sculptural designs.


Nasturtium Pitcher

Ephraim artist Jennifer Grelk commemorates her 5 years at the studio with this garden – inspired pitcher. Nasturtium Pitcher showcases Jennifer’s passion for heirloom gardening practices, which led her to discover the old-fashioned nasturtium as a natural pest inhibitor. Just like a garden, this piece brings back fond memories of a simpler era.

Jennifer is the youngest member of our studio, but in her five years at Ephraim, she stands out as one of our most accomplished artists. Jennifer’s natural coordination with a brush made her an instant success, but her systematic drive to innovate glazing processes has had a huge impact on the studio. Jennifer’s happy and open disposition translates into fun and whimsical designs for tile, vases, and glaze combinations. Her dedication sparks many new directions. It has been fun to observe Jennifer grow from a novice to a leader in five short years.