The form of a vase, its shape & structure, is arguably the most important design element. Form is the foundation upon which a successfully designed vessel rests and much consideration goes into developing a form. When we talk about pottery forms, we refer to the base as the “foot”; the mid portion of the vessel is the “belly”; the upper part is the “shoulder”; and the rim is the “lip”. Beyond this terminology, we often talk about more subtle considerations. For example, bottle shaped forms can seem intentionally “humble”, or tall forms may require a more “elegant line” along the edge in order to be successful. At other times certain designs are stubbornly “clunky” or “unrefined.” Creating well designed forms is a sublime endeavor that requires constant attention from the potters. At Ephraim we take great pride in our pottery forms and we hope that this insight into our discourse allows you to appreciate the design element of form more fully.