A note from Kevin Hicks, Ephraim Pottery’s founder

As new energies and perspectives rush in with the new year, I pause to reflect – there’s much to consider! Foremost, I feel humbled by your incredible support, thank you. Ephraim’s vision of creating art in a collaborative, cooperative space is enlivened by your interest in our work. In partnership, we are able to continue to foster our curiosities and challenge our creativity to delight you, our fellow art enthusiasts.

Collaboration probably isn’t the easiest way to make art, but in our experience, it might be the most gratifying. We are ever-amazed at the elevated ideas that surface when we share the process – wading through myriad concepts, contemplating, compromising, experimenting – ultimately building off each other’s ideas. We seem to always arrive at something refreshingly satisfying that would never come from any of us independently. Today I am encouraged to see more collaborative models in the workplace, schools and other communities. This way of interacting with the world pushes us to explore and thrive beyond imagining. We highly recommend it.

I am excited as we plan and execute creatively in 2019, inspired by you, each other and the world around us. We never rest on finding new ways to speak through our artistry.  It’s been a privilege for me to participate in the studio throughout each and every one of Ephraim’s 22+ years in business. What I see happening right now – artistic synergy, lessons learned, evolved ideas and relationships – may just make this the best year yet. We are excited to develop and present to you a range of exceptional pottery and wood offerings. Let’s continue to stay connected through this journey – we enthusiastically welcome your support in 2019.

Studio Scenes • January Edition

Happy 2019 from all of us at Ephraim Pottery. January finds us actively planning 2019 campaigns, organizing space, and refining new designs while pottery production continues.

Collaboration is alive and well as we confer with each other about our new designs for 2019. Below Alek, Jill, and Becky meet to discuss the glazing on a new vase; Jennifer and Allison strategize at the kitchen table; and Kevin and Alek work together to pug more clay.