Peek at the behind-the-scenes making of our 2019 Studio Collection catalog

Many thanks to Laura and Andy Salerno who graciously shared their century-old home for Ephraim’s 2019 Studio Collection photo shoot. Each year we scout out a unique site that acts as a backdrop to our new designs.

Built in 1897 for the Scholl family as a double residence, or a modified duplex to accommodate mother and daughter, this charming Queen Anne-style home with American Gothic influences graces the tree-lined south end of Main Street in Lake Mills. It’s nestled between several other historic homes and its interior boasts original pocket doors, wood floors, a coal-burning fireplace and embossed Victorian wallpaper, or Lincrusta, among other period-specific architectural details.

Meet Jacob, the Norwegian Forest cat. With his hardy disposition and curious nature, he is the “alpha kitty” among an endearing bunch of felines who happily abide in this cozy home.

These meticulous and artful architectural renderings of the Salerno home were discovered behind a neighbor’s shelving unit 100 years after the home was built. At the age of 43, the architect Charles P. Rawson worked for the Radson Architectural Company in Madison. He was an original contributor to Architectural Digest and a published subject matter expert, authoring several books in his day.

Last, but not least, a big thank-you to our photographer, Nicole Cooke for her incredible technical skill and artistic eye. And to our graphic designer, Tony Cooke for his creative work pulling all the little pieces together into a sweet catalog.

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