Studio Gallery Manager/Photographer, Nicole Cooke’s, photo journal entry #1 – visit to Cambria, CA.

As much as I find infinite beauty and constant inspiration in the natural world of Wisconsin, I found that experiencing the central coast of California has widened my understanding of this magnificent and complicated planet.  In Cambria, home of our second gallery – Ephraim Pottery West, I found rare gems in the surrounding majestic scenery, amiable staff of Ephraim Pottery West and the delightful pottery treasures in the gallery. I think it is fair to say that I LOVED this trip and highly recommend Cambria as a destination.WebWebMoonstone Beach in Cambria – a long expanse of breathtakingly beautiful coastline and an easy place to lose track of time admiring the surf scene and biodiversity.
Our beautiful gallery in the West Village is a destination for many. Here you will find our friendly staff and a relaxed California vibe. The art scene in Cambria is pulsing with exciting galleries & shops of great variety. Ours is a treat to Arts & Crafts enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates handmade art pottery, tiles & woodwork.
WebWebWeb If you are in search of say… a Limited Edition 2015 Earth Day Vase, Spring Peepers Reserve Edition, Miniature Rose Jar Reserve Edition, any of the Experimental pieces shown above or a great variety of retired pieces just give Shari, Kathleen & Lynn a call, 1-805-924-1275. You can also inquire by email.
Web Cambria-2530 While in Cambria a hike through Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is a must. This stunning coastal land features another long boardwalk that will take you through the grasslands and past the feeding grounds of pelicans, seals and water birds in masses I have never seen before.
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If you follow the sea south of Cambria just a bit you will come to the city of Morro Bay, home of Morro Rock – a massive volcanic plug. Enjoy Morro Strand State Beach and the marina while you are there, but thankfully the sand dunes, rock formation itself and a large offshore marine area are all under preservation.

View from HWY 46 looking south across the desert towards Morro Bay and out to the Pacific Sea.


Even in a major draught year, Cambria is adorned with flowers all over. I was so happy to find that nasturtiums grow plentifully in the wild here. How appropriate that Jennifer featured the nasturtium on her Limited Edition Nasturtium Pitcher – Artist Anniversary Series piece.


If you have a day to spare, drive north on Route 1 to experience the twisting coastal highway and view out-of-this world scenery! Big Sur is not far from Cambria and just beyond Big Sur is the historic Bixby Bridge. We are so enamored with this iconic bridge that it is featured on the Bixby Creek Bridge Tile and is also the inspiration behind several lanterns.Web Web Web

While in Cambria I highly recommend that you take 46 east and get lost touring the vineyards that surround Paso Robles. There are hundreds to see! They are known for growing blends of Bordeaux, Rhône and Zinfandel varieties and are generally boutique size, family owned vineyards. Each vineyard has a unique appeal, which may be the organic sustainable practices they use, the awards they have won, the local cuisine they create or the musical and entertainment venues they have also become. Enjoy!
WebCambria-2950WebIn my brief trip to Cambria and the surrounding areas I was able to view just a tiny fraction of what California has to offer. Luckily, I will be able to return again and capture an expanded view next time. When I do I will share those images with you as well. In the mean time you should head out west, absorb the sunshine, breathe the Pacific air and find what excites you! Stop by Ephraim Pottery West and say hello to our friends Shari, Kathleen & Lynn.