1. We are human.

Our work will always reflect our uniqueness. Creating at this level is incredibly challenging…and rewarding. Each loss is actually a lesson gained, not a chink in our armor.

2. Pottery is messy.

Our studio is covered in a fine dust of glaze particles, spatterings of wet glaze and smears of wet clay. When we are not creating the messes we are working on the regular equipment repairs and searching for ways to improve our efficiency. Keeping this studio humming along is a collaborative effort – from designing, hand-building, marketing, and order entry to shipping final pieces.  An infinite number of errors could occur, but we give each piece our attention and dedication. Miraculously by the end of the process, the mess gives birth to beauty and we deliver joy to our collectors.

3. Our kilns give us lumps of coal at a regular rate.

Any ceramic artist can relate – a thankfully small – but persistent percentage of breaks, falls, unwanted drips, over-firings, under-firings, etc. are to be expected. This roll of the dice is what gets so many of us geeked! Our standards are extremely high, so the kiln errors also translate into a regular supply of seconds and irregulars available in our Studio Gallery.

4. When the kilns deliver perfectly we still break pots.

After expertly hand painted well over a hundred “snowy birch” ornaments, Leah was devastated to drop and break an entire board of them. Breaks in the galleries are also a bummer…. Whenever possible we have a laugh and make the most of our accidents. Laura has a wonderful habit of turning failed greenware into hideous creatures, which are a peculiar comfort to all of us.

5. We proudly enter our 22nd year of creating this special art pottery called “Ephraim”.

Despite all the challenges or perhaps because of them we continue to be inspired by the ceramic process and driven to advance our collective abilities. We are humbled by our successes and forever grateful for our collectors. It is solely because of your appreciation for this traditional art form that we exist. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Cheers to 2018 and all the joy and new pottery it is sure to bring!

Ephraim Pottery Staff (left to right): Becky Hansen, John Raymond, Kevin Hicks, Leah Purisch, Allison Jelenchick, Shari Little, Ken Nekola, Laura Klein, Sarah FitzGibbon, Jill Winslow, Jennifer Alexander, Alek Schroeder and Nicole Cooke. California staff not shown: Terri Belford, Kathleen Marlo and Lynn Taylor.