Numbered edition available for order from August 7th – 17th, 2015


The Seahorses’ Cove Vase Reserve Edition was available for order between Aug 7-17, 2015. Twenty-nine first quality pieces were ordered.  Each piece is finished with our studio mark, artists’ marks and the number in the edition.

A regal pair of seahorses adorn opposite sides of this tall vase, holding tight to kelp strands at the waters edge. Just as the sun’s rays pierce the surface of the sea this vase features aqua glaze radiating down from the neck. Tones of teal and chestnut create depth at the base, balancing and blending with the brighter aqua above. The graceful form is inventively manipulated to represent the organic and ever-changing wave forms that roll through the grassy shallow seas. It is in these luminous waters that the delicate and fascinating seahorses thrive.


Artist, Kevin Hicks, throws the pot



Artist, Laura Klein, sculpts the seahorses and kelp strands



Artist, Jennifer Grelk, glazes the form

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