Dragonfly Inspiration


Recently while Nicole was photographing the new Dancing Dragonflies Bowl color options (Cranberry, Pacific Batik & Shibori) Becky observed that a big, beautiful, iridescent dragonfly had landed in our studio. As we all marveled at its perfection we were reminded of why we often choose to represent dragonflies on our vases and tiles. The creature is an exquisite work of art and quintessentially represents the soulful beauty of nature that is the very core of our inspiration.

In art dragonflies have interesting associations with evil in the European traditions and victory and harmony in the Asian traditions. The 19th century reopening of Japan to Western imports following over 200 years of isolationism had a strong impact on American art motifs of the Arts and Craft and Art Nouveau periods. From Tiffany to Rookwood, American decorative artists incorporated the favorable Asian version of the dragonfly into their pieces. Many of these renditions celebrate the dragonfly in fine detail – a tribute to the faultless form of the creature.


Dancing Dragonflies Bowl $198

For us the dragonfly represents summer, nature, earthiness, freedom and metamorphosis. In the dragonfly’s perfection we see delicate forms, strong symmetry, and bold colors to inspire us. Looking to nature’s finest details provides endless sources of inspiration. We were especially lucky to get to examine this fellow in such a close way.




Another favorite dragonfly piece is the Dragonfly Trio Vase. Shown here in the new Shibori and Nightfall glazes. $188