We like it hot

The studio is hot, literally and figuratively! With air circulation provided by a half dozen fans, artists are exercising their creativity and problem solving skills on big, elaborate Experimental pieces in spite of the rising Midwest temperatures.


Recently, our studio hosted a couple of workshops. Kevin, Alek, Jennifer, and Leah guided students from far-and-wide through sculpting and glazing.

Thanks so much to all of our eager and talented students, the variety and quality of your work astounds us. We hope you are as pleased as we are with your completed vases!

Summer Collection

Summer Collection pieces are making their way through throwing, sculpting and glazing. It feels like this is the first seasonal collection that actually matches up with the weather outside. It was snowing when we formed the pieces for our Spring Collection! 😲

Mix and match, nest and stack

Our new line of Ephraim Elemental tableware is a big hit in the galleries and online! These functional pieces are a wonderful wedding, housewarming or hostess gift. Consider sharing Ephraim Elemental with your friends and family