Several weeks ago we asked you, our fans, for ideas for a unity-themed piece of pottery. Your suggestions led us to explore three over-arching themes that exemplify the concept of unity – intertwining tree branches, a bouquet of flowers, and a pair of vases that compliment each other in both their form and motif.

We have been experimenting and refining these concepts and finally have three strong designs for you to weigh in on. Please cast your vote for the most pleasing design by liking the preferred design’s photograph on Facebook, or repinning the photograph on Pinterest. Once we have a winner, we will move on to the glaze development for the chosen design and have a product to offer you shortly thereafter.



Unity Koi Pair
shown in bisque ware

These vases compliment each other with opposite forms – each curve responds and fills out the other to create a unified pair. This yin and yang concept relays the unity motif by describing how contrary forces are complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.


Unity Tree
shown in greenware

A willowy tree’s branches twist together to form the handles on this traditional form. As the tree grows apart and back together again it signifies strength and unity.


Unity Bouquet
shown in bisque ware

Irises and calla lilies encircle the top of this tall form. The calla lily is a traditional symbol of true devotion and the iris has rich symbolism tied to passion and faithfulness. Together these flowers exemplify the concept of unity as they mingle together in a single bouquet.