Pacific Batik – a redesigned glaze with a rich blue/green hue.


From left to right: Fluted IrisWalden PondLoyalty BowlPrairie Pine ConeTropical Vine VaseFlowering Arrowroot Bowl

We are always looking for new and fresh glaze colors for our pottery, yet stable and varied new glazes are a big challenge to develop. In the last year, we have been working hard to redesign our old “Rain” family of glazes to look brighter, have more contrast, and a richer hue. The result – “Pacific Batik” – is a deep, soulful blue-green crackle glaze that reminds us of earthy indigo batik fabric stretched over the vast, undulating Pacific ocean. This special glaze has a unique crystal formation with a subtle, translucence that almost sparkles in between the intricate indigo crackle pattern.


Batikspacific0001You may have noticed that the Pacific Coast, with its turquoise water, swaying poppies and impressive bridges has been providing more and more inspiration to our studio in the last couple of years. With the opening of our second gallery, Ephraim Pottery West, set in the seaside village of Cambria, California, our artists have opportunities to travel to the Pacific Coast and we always come back with inspiration!

We invite you to visit our gallery on the Central California coast and see what inspires you.CambriaCoast-01