While Ephraim is well known for whimsical sculpture, nature inspired motifs, and refined forms one of the most defining features of our pottery is the expressive glaze that we use. Our glazes were initially designed to emulate turn-of-the-century glazes in order to evoke a classic American pottery style.  However, as time has gone on, we have continued to evolve these glazes so that they wholly embody the Ephraim look.

Paul McVicker designs our glazes in house to customize all characteristics of the glaze – color, texture, and finish. His comprehensive knowledge of ceramic chemistry allows him to make small refinements and modifications on a constant basis. He designs the glazes to flow and run in the kiln in order to achieve a signature rich, dramatic effect. As Paul describes it, “the glazes flow like a waterfall in the firing process” and when the kiln cools the flow comes to a standstill capturing a snapshot in time, resulting in the unique character of each piece.

We want our glazes to be both visually dynamic and inviting to touch. Every morning when we open the kilns to greet the surprise that awaits us, we marvel at the transformative power of fire on basic elements. We hope you enjoy the endless variation of these beautiful glazes.