Recurring themes weave their way through all of our lives and here at the pottery we love to notice all of the secret spaces that surround us. The studio itself is hidden underground in the 19th century fieldstone basement of the former Lake Mills municipal building. Among all of the nooks and crannies of this building a standout is the old town jail cell where we keep our archives. Our little town even boasts some noteworthy hidden pyramids at the bottom of the local lake.

These hidden spaces inspire us. We created a hiding place in our Journey Lantern, hid a time capsule behind the wall of the Lake Mills Gallery, and – best of all – sunk a treasure by the pyramids in Rock Lake! Our hope is that these secret places and hidden treasures will delight and surprise people for many years to come. And if anyone manages to find our sunken treasure (mermaid ornament, pictured above) be sure to drop us a line.secretplacesblog