20 Vases & 8 Tiles will only be available until March 16, 2015retired3-16

As we prepare new designs for our next “Studio Collection” – a collection of pieces that we choose to refine and offer on the web and in our catalog, we have been making “Experimentals” – one of kind pieces to work out ideas. Because of all this development, the studio is bursting at the seams and must “retire” some of the designs we currently carry on our website. When the pieces retire we close the edition, record the final numbers produced, and never revisit that particular design again. There are as many ways to collect Ephraim Pottery as there are individuals, but consider adding a retired piece to yourcollection – it will soon be history, as they say!



Documentation of Retired Work

At Ephraim, we are part of a long tradition of collectible art pottery.  Art pottery lends itself to collectibility because historically it tends to have been well marked with “shop marks” and it was naturally limited due to the making process. We have upheld the tradition of marking our pottery and because of the handmade nature of our process the pieces are limited by the capacity of the pottery. We try to be transparent about how many pieces we make and publish these figures on our website in order to enhance collectibility.
Our art pottery and tiles are limited editions. Designs in our Studio Collection are limited to a maximum of 500 pieces. Our Reserve Editions are created in even more limited numbers. Please follow the link below to read more about the documentation of our retired work

Historical Listings